How to sell a rare coin

How to sell a rare coin

Collecting of coins (numismatics) – hobby not from cheap. To sell a rare coin, it is necessary to find the most favorable buyer, but thus to observe precautions not to run into swindlers. How to make it?

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To determine the real cost of a coin, you will need to estimate it at first. It is possible to find adherents on open spaces of the Internet and to ask about the help, having sent them a coin photo. It is possible to find the specialist in an assessment of coins in the city - it is necessary to pay for its services. At an assessment of coins, as a rule, numismatists use the following criteria:

- popularity of this coin among potential buyers. The more such coins in the market, the lower them cost. It is necessary to reconcile to it - if you do not reduce the price, the buyer all the same will find cheaper, but already at other seller;

- safety of a coin, absence on it strong damages;

- also metal of which your coin was made is considered. Gold coins always are more expensive silver, and silver - copper.


Use the Internet auction, forums and auctions for sale of a rare coin. This way of sale is convenient to that does not demand a lot of time. You simply place a photo of the coin at forums of numismatists and auctions, make its description, call the price and wait for appearance of buyers. However you risk to run into the swindlers or thieves specializing in this sphere. Therefore you should not leave about yourself a full set of personal data and contacts for communication, and also to meet with suspicious people, or to transfer a coin into strange hands for check of its authenticity without pledge.


If electronic ways of sale to you not to liking, you can sell a coin in the free market in the city or the regional center. You did not accept the price offered there? In the presence of opportunity bring a coin to Moscow or St. Petersburg - the prices in regions are much lower than the capital.


The coin can also be exchanged in bank. It is more reliable and more expedient to address in state bank – there swindlers are not present, but purchase price of a coin is lower. To earn on a rare coin it is more, address to commercial bank, there will offer higher price, but the list of the accepted coins it is very limited.