How to sew a kimono dressing gown

How to sew a kimono dressing gown

Japan which is once closed for Europeans gradually not only was integrated into universal culture, but also itself became its part. We admire and we use fine Japanese porcelain, we like to visit restaurants and to order at them dishes of Japanese cuisine. And houses many of us wear beautiful and very convenient dressing gowns of a traditional Japanese style of "kimono". It is possible to sew a kimono dressing gown also most, it is not difficult at all. If you want to sew a bathing dressing gown, choose terry fabric, if house - that silk or the atlas.

It is required to you

For a dressing gown 120 cm long:
Fabric – 3,2 m 90 cm wide
For a dressing gown 80 cm long:
Fabric – 2,4 m 90 cm wide

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Draw a pattern by the specified sizes on paper. You need to draw details: a back, shelves – 2 details, sleeves – 2 details. For processing of shelves and a mouth 2 details of a level on a share thread are found. Do not forget to consider allowances for seams on 1,5 cm from all directions. Spread out a pattern to fabrics and will find on it all necessary details. From the remains of fabric will find a belt of necessary length, one detail 7 cm wide.


Stitch together humeral seams, beginning from a mouth, process edges and iron them in different directions. Process a bottom of sleeves – turn in them on 4 cm and stitch. Pritachayte of a sleeve to humeral cuts.


Stitch together seams of sleeves and lateral seams of a dressing gown kimono. Process "zigzag" seams and well iron them. Turn in a hem of a dressing gown on 4 cm and process it as well as a bottom of sleeves.


Sew a level on a back seam, press a seam. Apply it to a shelf the faces inside and tack to it, beginning from cut of a mouth on a back in both parties. Pristrochite a level on all length, turn off it on the face. Iron a seam. Turn in not sewn edge of a level, having bent it inside on 1, 5 cm. Iron a seam and tack bottom edge of a level to a shelf and a mouth, stitch a seam on the dressing gown face.


Fold a belt in half inside the right side of the cloth, sew and turn out it, iron and otstrochit from two parties, having wrapped inside the ends. Iron a belt.