How to refuse housing and communal services

How to refuse housing and communal services

According to opinion polls only about 25% of Russians are satisfied with work of services housing and communal services. Besides, many of our fellow citizens would like to refuse fee which are provided only on paper. How to make it?

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Study the list of services which you have the right to refuse if you are not satisfied by quality of their execution or they completely are absent for the objective reasons (for example, in case of fee of the elevator operator in the house where there is no elevator).


Make request in ZhEK or condominium about providing the schedule of payments for utilities to you.


Invite the employee condominium or ZhEK in order that he drew up the statement of services which were not provided to you and/or for registration of the individual counter (in case of installation of the counter and the conclusion of the contract with other company) to the 20th day of settlement month. If the employee was not in the specified time, issue the act claim. But the similar document has to be signed by at least two consumers.


Send the registered mail or transfer personally not later than 3 numbers of the next month the statement to ZhEK or condominium for recalculation of payments and about refusal of services, having attached all necessary documents (copies of contracts with other company, copies of the statement which is drawn up by the employee ZhEK or condominium and so forth). The statement has to be made in duplicate and vised.


In case refused to you a request for recalculation of payments, address to Rospotrebnadzor or housing inspectorate. Submit all necessary documents confirming competency of your requirements.


If in your house the elevator or a refuse chute does not function, make the complaint in ZhEK or condominium and if refuse to you recalculation, appeal to court. To the complaint and in court enclose photos of the idle elevator (refuse chute) to the statement of claim.


Request in TV company sealing of the antenna in case you got the individual satellite antenna.


Address in DEZ if do not want to pay a radio receiving station.


Write the application in the company which is engaged in service of on-door speakerphones if you wish to refuse their services.