How to prepare smoked ham the Recipe for the crock-pot?

How to prepare smoked ham the Recipe for the crock-pot?
Many hostesses try to prepare ham houses as store – smoked, but not at all it turns out. That they can dry up, insufficiently soft to taste, the look is not pleasant. And it is possible to try to prepare ham in the crock-pot.


Ham the chicken – two pieces;
Smoke liquid – two tablespoons;
Sahara – a half of a teaspoon;
Mix of chicken seasonings;
Salt – one teaspoon;
Pepper – one teaspoon;
Garlic – to steam Zubkov;
Water – five glasses (from the crock-pot for preparation on couple);
Sleeve for pastries.

Preparation process:

It is necessary to mix pepper, salt, sugar, mix of chicken seasonings and davlenny garlic. Ham to wash out and dry, then it is good to cover turned out namazky. Then to put ham in a package and to clean for the night in the refrigerator. After that a sleeve with contents to get and add a smoke, to mix gammons. After that it is necessary to put a sleeve with ham in the container for preparation on couple. In the crock-pot to pour in water. To include the program in the Steam boiling crock-pot and to expose sixty minutes. After that time to install the program "Heating" for thirty minutes. After that time to get ready ham from a sleeve and to allow to cool down. Then to divide into parts and it is possible to give.

Bon appetit!