How to prepare fruit in jelly?

How to prepare fruit in jelly?
Fruit in jelly is that dessert which not only will please with the remarkable taste, but also will decorate any table. It can be given in one, general dish, and it is possible to prepare and a la carte, then it is precisely possible to be sure that all will get this delicacy.

The recipe of fruit in jelly

It will be necessary for you:

White wine – 900 g
Gelatin – 45 g
Lemon – 2 pieces.
Sugar – 200 g
Fruit – 1 kg
Water – 300 g

Way of preparation:

For this dessert choose that fruit which most of all love. Here both grapes, and bananas, both strawberry, and oranges, etc. will be good. The only thing that it is not necessary to add to fruit allsorts is a kiwi and pineapple. Two of this fruit does not allow to thicken to gelatin.

To prepare jelly it is necessary to prepare gelatin first of all. For this purpose it is necessary to wet gelatin for about 40 minutes in cold water and when it bulks up, to merge excess water and to dissolve it on a water bath.

Further, it is necessary to boil water and to dissolve in it all sugar. Then, to wait until everything cools down to 35-40 degrees and accurately to enter gelatin. After that it is necessary to heat as much as possible all mix, but to try not to boil, and at once add white wine and freshly squeezed juice of lemons here. Then, set aside a pan aside that mix cooled down.

And at this time wash and dry up all fruit, remove from them all inedible and cut this fruit circles or slices. Then beautifully lay them in a dish in which will freeze, and fill in with the cooled-down jelly mix. After that deliver to jelly with fruit in the refrigerator to stiffen, as a rule, this process takes 3 hours or slightly more.

To lay out jelly and not to damage it thus, lower a form in hot water for some seconds, and then to cover with a flat plate or a tray and to turn.

On a table of jelly it is possible to give and independently or having laid out it on a biscuit.

Bon appetit!