How to make painting of the car the hands

How to make painting of the car the hands

You should not be under a delusion with the seeming simplicity and low cost of independent painting of the car – neither that, nor another is not true. If you decided to replace considerably color of the car, to you it is necessary to work long and laboriously, and anyway it will cost kopek. And if it is your first experience of painting, it is better not to experiment on all body – for a start try to correct any defect on one detail. Even better – to begin development of technology on an old wing or the door taken from a dump behind the nearest garages.

It is required to you

- paint
- primer
- varnish
- solvent
- white spirit
- ukryvny film
- painting adhesive tape
- construction hair dryer
- emery paper
- polyester autofilling
- pallet
- orbital grinder
- airbrush
- compressor

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All process of painting of a car consists of several stages, thus the lion's share of time will be spent by you for preparation of a surface. At first properly wash up a detail with use of car shampoo and wait for its full drying. You can also dry it by means of the construction hair dryer. Carefully examine it at good lighting and under different corners: so you will be able to notice deep scratches, chips, dents, traces of a rust and other rough defects.

In places of serious damages remove an old paint and varnish covering to metal, having used coarse-grained (P80-100) an emery paper. Try to do a bevel from paint to metal smoother. To level the scratches which arose on paint, walk on the smoothed-out surface consistently several thinner "skins" with the difference which is not exceeding 100 units.

If you used "Sukhoi" a way of removal of paint, clear a detail of dust by means of the hair dryer and degrease the smoothed-out sites white spirit. At "wet" cleaning wait for full drying of a surface and also degrease it.

Mix autofilling with a hardener in the proportion specified on a label. Do it quickly since filling starts "grabbing" in five minutes. Apply it on the prepared sites with the rigid pallet, trying not to leave flows. Wait for full hardening of filling (30-45 minutes) and carry out preprocessing of a zashpatlevanny site by means of the orbital grinder, using "skin" with P180-220 grain. If defect remained, cause necessary quantity of layers of filling. Each layer has to be thin, differently material will crack. Every time wait for full hardening of filling, grind a layer and remove or blow off dust the hair dryer before putting the following.

Now to a matuyta all surface of a detail P300-360 "skin". It can be made manually and if the surface has no relief, process can be "mechanized" by means of a plane or the grinder. Remove dust a damp sponge and dry a surface. Carry out on shpatlevanny sites a palm: they have to merge ideally with a detail surface. If you are happy with result, can start a primer.

As it is better to paint a detail completely, and it is necessary to ground it completely since probability of that you will manage to put "patch" from paint, it is extremely small. It is necessary also because the paint chosen by you can be incompatible on a chemical composition with initial, and then their interaction will lead to unpredictable result. Fill in a primer in an airbrush, if necessary dilute it to the necessary viscosity with the solvent specified on a label focus an airbrush torch vertically. Torch width near the painted surface has to make 25-30 cm. Select necessary viscosity of a primer, distance to the painted surface, coloring speed skilled experimentally. Be trained at least on a newspaper leaf. The primer has to lay down without flows, an even layer 30-40 microns thick.

When you start a detail primer, begin dispersion behind edge of a surface and finish also behind edge in order to avoid emergence of flows and potek. Wait for full drying of a primer – except for epoxy, the primer dries in handicraft conditions 2-3 hours; for acceleration of process it is possible to use the hair dryer. If the primer lies considerably roughly, it is better to remove it completely by means of the grinder or a plane with "skin" of 600-800 pieces. It will allow to close the microcracks imperceptible for a naked eye, without use of pro-attendance powder, and will sometimes reveal defects, not detectable neither taktilno, nor visually. Eliminate defects, put a new layer of a primer, dry it and if result satisfactory, polish a nazhdachka from 2000 pieces. As usual, clean dust and degrease a surface. Now it is possible to start directly painting.

Actions when causing base are absolutely similar to priming. The difference consists only that paint is put in some layers, each of which is ground after drying. If you paint only one detail, it is better to entrust selection of color of paint to the computer in car service. After drawing 2-3 paint coats the surface is varnished in one layer. However, it is not obligatory, as well as polishing of a detail to mirror gloss. If you want to achieve such result, use abrasive polishing paste and the grinder with a porolonovy nozzle.