How to learn Dutch

How to learn Dutch

Golladnsky language belongs to the German language group and is native almost for 24 million people – residents of Holland and Belgium. As independent language Dutch exists already nearly one and a half thousand years. It has much in common with German and is the seventh in popularity among the European Union countries.

It is required to you

Textbooks and reference books, Internet access, movies and books in the Dutch language.

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If you really want to master the Dutch language, at once refuse the doubtful courses "We Learn Dutch Quickly" and "Free Lessons Dutch Online". The matter is that similar courses are constructed on traditional system "from one lesson to another" where in everyone dry information on grammar is given, fixing of the passable material and expansion of a lexicon is not provided. To count that you will be able to fill up a lexicon, thumbing through dictionaries, is not necessary – as a rule, such work does not bear considerable fruits.

If you know German or at least studied it, to master Dutch to you it will be much simpler – these languages are very similar and have identical historical roots. In this case studying of elements of grammar and continuous extension of the dictionary will be your main task. In it games with words as well as possible will be useful.

As well as any language, golladnsky start studying with letters, sounds and rules of reading – if you are engaged in self-training, you should deal with written tasks and texts all the time. After that it is possible to be engaged in studying of a verb – in the Dutch language this subject is not too difficult. In it only three articles are also not present cases. The most difficult subject is, perhaps, words order in the sentence. Of course, certain rules exist, but it is good to understand them you will be able, only reading as much as possible texts on Dutch.

Perhaps, the simplest exit – to employ the tutor or to register in language school. Both options have the merits and demerits. Let's tell, you can choose language school or the center, having studied reviews of their work on the Internet. For certain someone from pupils tried to put the gained knowledge into practice and to estimate quality of training. But such courses, as a rule, are more expensive, and classes are given in groups, but not individually. Communication with other pupils in group is useful and well develops informal conversation, however not always the teacher is capable to pay due attention to everyone. As for tutors, not always comments on this or that teacher can be found in the Internet, and you will not be able to estimate at once, whether the tutor is competent enough. Whether it will be able to provide you preparation at the desirable level?

As well as when studying other foreign languages, immersion on language Wednesday will be useful here. For this purpose it is not obligatory to go at once to Holland and even quickly to look for the friend from this country in Skype. Look through the Dutch movies in the original – so you not only quickly learn new lexicon, but also improve a pronunciation and perception of the speech aurally.

The combination of several methods of training will be the most optimum option, of course. Let it will be also the tutor (or courses), both self-training, and viewing of movies and reading books. If seriously to be engaged in training, it is possible to master the Dutch language quickly enough – there would be a desire.