How to lay a table by a Defender of the Fatherland Day

How to lay a table by a Defender of the Fatherland Day

On February 23 long ago is a special holiday for women when practically each of them needs to think up, than to congratulate the defenders. In most cases the rich holiday table forced by tasty dishes becomes a result of these reflections.

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Of course, before taking out the prepared entertainments on a table, it is necessary to cover this table beautifully and festively. Lay a color or white cloth depending on what guests are going to invite. If only close friends come, can flash an original coloring and if celebration is planned in an official foreshortening, use a white cloth.

Enclose supports under each plate, and issue them in festive style – use for this purpose napkins with an emblem on February 23 or plastic supports of a military coloring. Decorate also each place where future guests, original things will sit. Put near devices a candle in the form of a red star or prepare cards with the written names of guests and the menu.

Lay the table according to the traditional scheme. Put for each guest on a big plate near which lay out tableware. Forks have to lie on the left side of a plate, and spoons and knives – on the right side. From forks, only slightly put a plateau on which guests will put bread and pies above, and more to the left of forks arrange a plate for one of salads. Near knives place glasses for water and wine, and water let is closer to a plate.

After table layout bring festive dishes from kitchen. Previously prepare them according to wishes of men. Thus not too be fond of new dishes. In day on February 23 most of "defenders" prefer the habitual menu. For fans of beer prepare pork chops, and as snack – salad sandwiches, made of cod liver, or original salad from crabsticks. Do it as usual and instead of sticks use chips with aroma of "shrimps". For "gourmets" try to prepare veal with potatoes or the chicken baked with adjika.