How to prepare sausages with vegetables?

How to prepare sausages with vegetables?
The tasty, beautiful and juicy dish can be prepared at all seasons of the year, for it will be equally good both fresh vegetables, and frozen. Choose sausages to the taste.

That is required for preparation

600 grams of sausages
300 grams of green beans
Four pomidorka or tinned tomatoes together with juice
Three eggplants
Three bulbs
One sweet paprika
Four segments of garlic
Salt, black ground pepper, paprika – all to taste
Bunch is fresher than some parsley
Vegetable oil
Two tablespoons of tomato paste


Slightly we fry sausages, we cut slices. We cut haricot obliquely (if frozen – we defreeze), we cut eggplants and tomatoes cubes, onions – half rings. We chop garlic and greens. Paprika is baked in an oven, we husk, we cut pulp strips.
In a kazanchik we fry onions till golden color, we add eggplants, too we fry. Then we put haricot, in a few minutes we add tomatoes, we salt, we pepper. We part tomato paste with water and we pour out to vegetables. We warm up, we put sausages, garlic. We extinguish under a cover to readiness of vegetables. At the end we add greens, paprika and we give with any garnish.