How to put on it is womanly

How to put on it is womanly

The female image is formed by a combination of various components: the manner to speak, habits, appearance, a hairdress, a make-up. The choice of a dress depends on circumstances, but any clothes have to emphasize feminity, give to an image identity.

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To fix man's eyes, it is necessary to correspond to representations of men – to be gentle, vulnerable, soft and mysterious. Style in clothes can be any, the main thing that it emphasized female essence. Such effect can achieve if to adhere to certain rules of formation of clothes.


Skirts and dresses by right are considered as the most womanly clothes. In a dress the woman becomes romantic and sexual, can favourably present all the advantages. It is necessary to choose a dress on a figure – it is not necessary to follow fashionable tendencies thoughtlessly. Dresses has to be a little – for everyday life, for special cases, seasonal models. Choose a classical cut, and you will not lose – the conservative silhouette is always womanly and actual. The special place is taken by sundresses. Some easy, air dresses of romantic breed need to be had surely – after all quite so people around can let know that in your heart there live emotions, you are eager for love and care.


Office style does not assume lack of feminity – even in a strict business suit the woman can look lovely and stylishly. Skirts to the middle of a knee, the fitted jackets and blouses from gentle fabric will always add appeal and will emphasize a graceful silhouette.


Female legs always fixed eyes therefore the footwear is simply obliged to be womanly. Shoes, boots and boots on a high heel ideally cope with this function. The heel has to be thin and graceful, and its height can change depending on a situation. Bulky footwear on a platform, thick heels and a rough form boots do not emphasize beauty of feet, and only ground a figure.


Womanly style does not mean absence in clothes of trousers – they are simply necessary for the modern woman. But the model has to sit perfectly on a figure, emphasize favorable parts of a female body, mask shortcomings and be supplemented with elegant blouses, jumpers and undershirts.