Where there is the most expensive real estate in the world

Where there is the most expensive real estate in the world

Having analysed offers among the most expensive apartments in the world, experts found out that the most big-budget real estate is located in Hong Kong, Monte-Carlo, London and several other cities. Did not ignore also the capital of Russia.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Where There Is the Most Expensive Real Estate in the World" How to fill in 3 personal income taxes at donation How to learn who is the owner of the apartment How to challenge donative on the apartment the Most expensive object in the world which is in open sale now, are majestic apartments in London. Their total area makes 320 sq.m, and cost reaches 23,06 million euros. There is an apartment in prestigious central part of the city in the elite house about Hyde Park.

The second place is taken by three-room apartments in Monte-Carlo (Monaco). At the total area of 150 sq.m they are estimated at 10,5 million euros. The apartment in a quarter San Roman is located, the magnificent panoramic view of the sea from where opens. It is necessary to add that Monaco is considered the most expensive state of Europe concerning real estate cost. The average price for 1 sq.m reaches 55 thousand euros here.

Six exclusive apartments in Hong Kong at the price more than 60 thousand euros 1 sq.m follow the following in a rating. The total area of housing - 650 sq.m, are also located apartments in a modern complex where there is a private elevator, a parking and a separate garden. The real estate is in the most prestigious area under the name The Peak. From here incredibly beautiful view of the ocean opens. Cost also includes expensive furniture, a private terrace on a roof, the magnificent pool with the built-in jacuzzis and a gym.

The honourable fourth place on high cost of real estate is taken by Moscow. Now the price for square meter of the apartment which is in the elite house in Bryusovy Lane, makes nearly 50 thousand euros. The total area of apartments - 235 sq.m. High cost is caused by unusual architectural concepts and magnificent design repair. The apartment has a big drawing room, 3 bedrooms and the same quantity of bathrooms.

The apartment following at cost is in Tokyo. It is estimated at 16 million euros and is located quarter of Minami-Azabu. These are the most expensive apartments in the world with one bedroom, but its walls are painted by the famous artist of Hiroshi Senju.