How to pick up alpine skiing boots

How to pick up alpine skiing boots

Boots – nearly the most important part of alpine skiing equipment. You can put on usual sports pants and a jacket for driving, to be mistaken on some centimeters with a choice of length of skis but if boots are picked incorrectly up, the pleasure from driving will not be any more. As a rule, you will take the first skis and equipment in hire where skilled consultants will help you to pick up the alpine skiing boots corresponding to your status. But, if you decided to acquire own equipment, it is necessary to consider some nuances.

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Riding with the equipment taken in hire you can already decide approximately on the preferences and choose manufacturing firm. Besides you will already know the size which is necessary for you. Vooruzhas this primary knowledge, go to the nearest sports shop.


Alpine skiing boots from different manufacturing firms will have a different index of rigidity, a block form, material of clips and functional features: existence of adjustment of rigidity and thermomolding. High price does not mean at all that such boots will suit all. They are designed for professionals and have too high rigidity calculated on extreme descents therefore at usual driving of a foot in them quickly are tired. For the athlete with an average weight of 80 kg it is necessary to choose boots as rigidity 70. For what weight exceeds 100 kg – rigidity of boots has to be not less than 60.


Clip-on earrings on boots happen plastic and metal, the last are more practical and will not break at possible falling.


Measure a boot and choose a block, convenient for a foot. Consider that internal material will a little be trampled down over time therefore the boot has to sit on a foot densely clasping both foot, and an ankle. Clasp consistently all clip-on earrings from below up, incline a shin forward, imitating knee-bend, thus the heel will move back and in a sock the place for fingers will be released. If and it happened, the boot to you is definitely not small.


But after all it can be rather big. To check and it, try to stand up directly in a boot on fingers. The heel thus should not come off a boot sole more than on half-centimeter.


Walk in boots a little, sit in them. If discomfort any it is not felt, you chose correctly, otherwise at once ask to change to you for boots with other block.


Be convinced of correctness of a choice also at home. Some time, hour - two, you need to sit, resemble, without taking off boots. Do it, and if boots still do not press anywhere and do not rub, so you guessed with a size and chose a suitable and convenient block.