How to spend days off in the city

How to spend days off in the city

Days off - the most successful time to visit interesting places for which on weekdays there are no forces. So you not only will well have a good time, but also will spend Saturday and Sunday with advantage, and also know better the city in which live or stay.

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Find out, what weather is expected on the weekend. It is an important aspect in rest planning. To receive data on estimated air temperature or existence of rainfall it is possible both on television or radio, and by means of the Internet. Use the special sites, to the devoted weather forecast.

Choose places which would like to visit. In rainy weather it is possible to descend in the museum, theater, on a concert. If in your city there is a dolphinarium, planetarium or an oceanarium, visit them. In serene day try to spend more time on air. Go to park, a zoo. It is possible to drive on the river tram.

Have a bite in a pleasant place. During week-end you can completely relax, dare to spend time in cafe or restaurant instead of standing at a plate, and after a lunch to wash the dishes. Try a dish of kitchen, new to you. Perhaps, you will open for yourself some tastes. If on the street warmly, do not miss chance to sit behind a little table open-air.

Take care of the own life. Swim for a while a little in the pool, work over the figure in the fitness center, descend in good beauty shop where to you can update a hairdress or make massage. Execute procedures on which in the working days you have no time, for example, make manicure, a pedicure, a vodoroslevy wrapping. Then on Monday you get to work or study with new forces, in the updated, beautiful and sound body.

Do some shopping. Shopping during week-end can give much more pleasures, than in the evening after work. Use free time for updating of clothes, purchase of useful things for the house or giving. Besides, you can buy products the next week, then on weekdays you will have more opportunities to have a rest after labor or school day.