How to transfer the estimate to the current prices

How to transfer the estimate to the current prices

The estimate is a financial document in which it is described all expenses of financial means which are necessary for implementation of certain works. Most often estimates are calculated in the construction sphere - before starting construction, the contractor determines the cost of all process of construction of the building in advance.

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All types of necessary works, time of each stage of construction are in details stated in this document, calculation of necessary building materials is made. However the estimate represents the document containing rather general figures which are always corrected during construction. In practice when the level of prices for materials and cost of performance of separate works constantly grows, recalculation of expenses according to the estimate in real investments of financial means, based on change of their level is necessary at the moment.


Recalculation of cost can be made by 3 main methods. The basic and index method - is the basic, its essence consists in carrying out calculations, based on the basic prices (the prices on 01.01.2006g) with use of the existing or predicted increase in prices indexes in construction area. Recalculation of financing on all types of works from the estimate in the real prices is made according to specially developed recalculation indexes which are developed quarterly and are approved as separate orders. The full list of the indexes of recalculation developed on various materials, designs can be studied on the site of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation.


The resource method consists in use of the prices existing at the moment to an expense of all possible construction resources - fuels, expenses of work, cars, etc. - according to the existing standards specified in budget documentation.


The third method is resource and index which includes account elements as according to a resource method, and using at calculation the approved value indexes on building materials and labor expenses.


For simplification of work on recalculation of the prices there are special computer programs. They, as a rule, can make recalculation of the estimate from basic cost for construction, containing in the approved Collection of the base prices for separate types of construction works which was published in 2006, in the current prices with use of standards for the indexes operating at the time of recalculation. Data processing in the program happens in the automatic mode - after recalculation for work with data it is possible to transfer discharged in MS Word or Excel.