How to prepare a goat's meat

How to prepare a goat's meat
How to prepare a goat's meat

The goat's meat is very similar to mutton on the flavoring and nutritious qualities, but thus it less fat. And also it surpasses beef in useful properties. Gourmets of the whole world very much appreciate meat of young nanny-goats.

The preparation time of 22 minutes is required to you a goat's meat – 1 kg; white dry wine – 2 St; garlic – 1 big head; paprika – 3 pieces; a lemon – 1 piece; olive oil – 150-200g; salt pepper - to taste. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare a Goat's Meat" How to prepare kharcho from mutton How to dry a goose How to do meatballs


Defreeze the prepared goat's meat in the way, convenient for you. Wash out under flowing water and dry a towel. Cut meat small slices. Salt them from all directions.

Warm a frying pan and fry meat slices on big fire without addition of oil on own fat till golden color.

In a frying pan with the fried goat's meat pour in wine. Cover densely a frying pan and leave to be extinguished on average fire.

Clear and small cut garlic, but do not use a press for garlic. On a separate frying pan warm olive oil and fry on it garlic. Add the fried garlic to a frying pan with meat.

Wash and carefully peel paprika of grains. On a separate frying pan in the warmed olive oil fry the cut sweet pepper. Then add it too to meat.

Squeeze out in a frying pan with meat juice of one lemon. Watch that stones from a lemon did not get to a dish. Salt. Make fire strong and stew meat five more minutes.

Reduce fire to small and prepare a dish to readiness that is until liquid is evaporated half.

In a separate frying pan warm olive oil and pour in a dish. In two minutes the dish will be ready.