How to update the Samsung TV

How to update the Samsung TV

Developers of Samsung TVs quite often issue new versions of microprograms for these devices. Installation of the updated software allows to improve quality of work of the equipment and to expand its functionality.

It is required to you

- Flash-card;
- Internet access.

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Visit the official site of Samsung firm. Open category of loadings and fill the offered form. Surely specify the exact name of model of your TV. Pass to the list of available files.

Press the Loadings and Documentation button. Open the Insertion tab. Execute loading of the latest version of the software available on the site.

Start preparation of the USB store. From it updating of the microprogram will be carried out. Be convinced that the TV will be able to read out information from the store of this volume.

Format the flash-card. Use file FAT16 or FAT32 system. Many models of TVs do not work with structure of NTFS in the context of updating of the microprogram. Open the file loaded from the site. It has to represent the self-unpacked archive. Take files in the root catalog of the store.

Take the flash-card from the computer. Connect the device to the switched-off TV. Include the equipment and wait until scanning of a flash card comes to the end. It should be notedIt should be noted that if at the case of the TV there is an USB port with Serv mark, it is necessary to use it.

After automatic detection of files of the microprogram there will be a new menu containing the offer to update ON. Press the Yes button, using a remote control.

If the TV was turned on in the usual mode, independently open the service menu and pass to the Software updating point. Choose port to which the flash-card is connected.

Wait for automatic switching off of the TV. Take the USB store from the device. Turn on TV and be convinced that the equipment works steadily.