How to draw clothes and models

How to draw clothes and models

What little girl, and at times and the boy, does not dream to become a designer. After all only it is also audible as glorify for the whole world Gucci and Versachche. Many dream of such life which is conducted by the well-known fashion designers. But for a start it is necessary elementary to learn to draw clothes and models. It is useful for this purpose, of course, talent.

It is required to you

Paper, pencil, eraser.

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To draw models, it is necessary to represent accurately on what the accent is planned. If it is fashion show or separately an article of clothing, it is necessary to think over a pose in which you will draw model, and then to estimate proportions and to line a leaf, as for the usual image of the person to the utmost.


Details of the person in this drawing, as a rule, do not matter. The main thing — precisely to display a body of the person on which the clothes will be represented.


Remember that in certain poses on some sites of a body folds are formed. For example, under a breast at women the shadow lays down, knees trace an arch from the ends directed up. Lines of clavicles are accurately visible usually. All nuances such are obvious and on clothes, they in drawing give naturalnesses. In principle it is possible not to trace a body, having represented similar lines on clothes.


Drawing clothes, remember and about properties of fabrics to be draped. Of course, you can represent and rather dense jeans, but also they repeat a body contour therefore the previous step will be also important.


Represent folds, darken sites on which they will cast a shadow. Any clothes will not sit smoothly, differently you should draw a body of the person simply. Present as the model in the dress which is thought up by you will look – where folds, draperies, etc. will lay down.