How to look after pig-iron ware with an enamel covering?

How to look after pig-iron ware with an enamel covering?
The ware from cast iron is universal, durable, reliable. Cast iron – material very heatcapacious, the ware long holds heat, evenly distributing it on thick walls and a massive bottom.

The pig-iron ware with a covering from enamel can be used on any cooking surfaces. The external surface of ware is covered with black or color glass enamel, internal – antiprigarny opaque glass enamel. Thanks to such covering, the ware when heating does not enter interaction with food and does not allocate harmful substances. That it served more long, follow simple rules of care of pig-iron ware with an enamel covering.

Wash new the dishes before the first use warm water with liquid soap and carefully wash out clear water. Oil an internal surface, put on a plate and heat to 100 degrees. Calcinate a little. Do not overheat ware, enamel from too high temperatures can deteriorate. Avoid sharp cooling – enamel of it does not love.

Wash pig-iron the dishes with a covering not right after cooking, and through some time. Do not use aggressive detergents, do not rub ware a brush or a sponge with an abrasive dusting. When cooking use wooden or polymeric rakes and spoons.

If the food burned or stuck to ware walls, fill in a pan with water with addition of detergent and heat this mix. In a few minutes wash the dishes a sponge, rinse with clear water and dry.