How to create the community

How to create the community

Social networks and blogging platforms allow to create communities on interests: work and employment, a profession, a hobby, other associations of people on the basis of similarity in some sphere. If to you is what to tell for many, make community on the LiveJournal resource.

It is required to you

The computer with connection to the Internet.

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Visit the main page of a blogging platform and find a tab of "Community" in the menu. Choose the Create the New command.


Choose an account name. It has to be unique both on a character set, and on value. Besides, it has to reflect at once a primary activity of community. For example "moscow-bij". Then enter the name of community, by the same principle, but already Russian letters (for Russian-speaking users). For example, "Costume jewelry in Moscow" (quotes do not put).


Choose how you will admit new participants to community: or they will be able independently to enter, or according to the preliminary application (with your approval). Choose account type (paid-free), opportunity to leave messages for users of a blogging platform (all participants of community, the elected participants or any user).


Choose option of moderation of records: you will look through all records of participants before the publication, will look through only messages with suspicious references or at all them will not look through?


Note, whether there will be in community a material forbidden for viewing by minors. If is not present, and write down. Then press the Keep button and start registration of design of community.