When in Russia there is a public television

When in Russia there is a public television

OTV, or public television, already exists in forty countries of the world. In Russia the decree on creation and formation of OTV which has to earn since January first, 2013 is signed. The main objective of this project – to reflect the most objective information.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "When in Russia There Is a Public Television" to Whom in Moscow handed award TEFI That such public television How to carry out debate the Main difference of public television consists that it should not depend or submit to the state. Nevertheless, in foreign analogs after all forms of public control are presented. Work of public television has to be regulated by the special national legislation. For example, the Air Force – the British corporation, copes the Royal charter. According to information from "News RIA", the structure of council of the Russian OTB will be approved by the president of the Russian Federation. Council will be the general manager body of new TV channel. In June, 2012 it is declared drawing up the list of candidates for members of council.

Researches according to which about 30% of respondents were positive to that fact were conducted that the editor-in-chief (CEO), will be appointed the head of state. The vast majority of them positively characterize the president and ruling party. 24% of respondents had an antiput opinion. Antagonists of OTV incline to that opinion that the administration appointed by the president already is depending on it, so the similar television cannot be called public. On a question, whether you are ready to pay contributions to the maintenance of OTB, 80% of Russians answered negatively.

There is an opinion that the Zvezda TV channel will become base for new TV channel. As the decree of the president says, members of council can be appointed to five-year term, participate in activity of TV channel on a grant basis, elect deputies and the chairman of the board, also obligatory collecting not less once in 3 months belongs to their duties. Those who is a civil servant, the member of civic chamber, the deputy and senator of the State Duma, have no right to become members of council.

At the moment already there is a network analog of public television – COTB. It has an official site, and also management which works according to the international acts: it is intended for society, it is financed by society, it is checked by society.