How to activate a patch

How to activate a patch

Activation of patches can be in certain cases carried out by the user standard means of system. In other cases attraction of the additional software will be required.

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For activation of the chosen patches in Samsung smartphones press and hold a blocking key until emergence of Main Menu (the menu of navigation on patches). Open the reference Patch Menu and use the Activate team. Keep the made changes, having repeatedly pressed the button of blocking and be convinced of success of performance of the necessary operation - the asterisk badge in square brackets testifies that the patch is activated.

Load and establish a customized application of RomPatcher + for Symbian, allowing to simplify considerably procedure of activation of patches. Pay attention that simultaneous use of this appendix with a Domainsrv package is recommended. The matter is that patches which have to be applied to system, are established in Domainsrv, and all others - in automatic loading. This division allows to increase as much as possible the speed and reliability of work of all system.

RomPatcher + is intended for change of values of certain files on a disk Z that allows to create new patches, without interfering with an insertion of the mobile device. Pay attention that all patches have to have the .rmp expansion. Their names can be changed at the request of the user.

Start the installed RomPatcher application + and choose the necessary patch. Use the joystick for a choice of necessary action:

- pressing the center - for activation of the necessary patch before the following reset;
- repeated pressing the center - for deactivation of the chosen patch.

Open the Functions menu of the joystick and choose the necessary command of management:

- in autostart - for addition of the chosen patch in automatic loading;
- in domayn start - for start of the chosen patch prior to loading of system of phone;
- to clean from autostart - for removal of a patch from automatic loading;
- information - for obtaining the certificate of the chosen patch.

Finish operation of application of RomPatcher +.