How to increase a breast physical exercises

How to increase a breast physical exercises

It is impossible to increase a breast by means of physical exercises by two and more than a size, after all in the most mammary gland is not present muscles. It consists of connecting and fatty tissue. But, carrying out physical exercises, you will be able to strengthen the thorax muscles which are under a mammary gland. It will allow to improve a shape of a breast and not to allow it to fall down that quite often happens with age. Besides, well developed big pectoral muscles, will allow you to increase the bra size by one number.

It is required to you

- a gymnastic bench with an adjustable back;
- block exercise machine;
- dumbbells;
- bar;
- fitbol.

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Expose a gymnastic bench at an angle of 45 degrees. Take dumbbells in hand and lay down on a bench. A foot put a little more widely than shoulders, knees are bent. Raise and straighten hands with dumbbells directly over a breast, palms are developed forward. Bend hands, parting elbows in the parties. The corner in an elbow joint has to be 90 degrees, elbows flush with shoulder joints. Straighten hands.


Get up between racks of the block exercise machine and slightly ahead. Attach handles to the top blocks. Weight for each party of 2,5-5 kilograms. Feet stand freely. Undertake handles, palms look forward. Pull cables on yourself that handles were before a breast, and hands were almost closed. Incline the case slightly forward and strain press muscles. Part hands in the parties at height of shoulder joints. Do not straighten elbows, hold them slightly bent to avoid a trauma.


Take a bar the wide direct successful fellow. Sit down on fitbol, put a bar on knees. Move a foot forward and lay down on a ball so that the head and an upper back lay on its surface. Bend knees, feet directly under knees, on width of shoulders. Straighten hands and lift a bar directly over a breast. Lower it down that elbows, having bent, formed a corner in 90 degrees. Do not lower elbows below shoulder joints, it reduces load of breast muscles. Again lift a bar.


Take dumbbells weighing 2-3 kilograms and fall by a floor. Hands lean on dumbbells, feet stand on tiptoe, the body forms a straight line with feet. Be wrung out, straighten hands and tighten the left hand with a dumbbell to a breast. Then lower a hand, having rearranged a dumbbell a little forward. Raise the right hand to a breast and rearrange a dumbbell. Consistently after hands move feet again to appear in a starting position.


Put feet on width of hips, take a dumbbell in the right hand and bend forward. Cramping shovels from a working hand, tighten a dumbbell to a belt. Return to a starting position and repeat. Having executed all repetitions for one hand, work the second hand.


Execute an extension for pectoral muscles to consolidate the reached result. Get up on all fours. Having slightly inclined the case forward, extend one hand aside so that it was on one line with a basic shoulder of other hand. Now lower a shoulder of an outstretched arm as it is possible below to a floor and at the same time raise a shoulder of a basic hand. Feel tension in muscles and slightly "spring" within 20 seconds.