How to wash away whitewashing from a ceiling

How to wash away whitewashing from a ceiling

Repair - business troublesome. As a rule, it is begun with a ceiling. In order that the new ceiling looked beautifully, it is necessary to take care of its preliminary cleaning.

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For a start it is necessary to lay a room floor an oilcloth and newspapers. Then we start washing of a ceiling from an old lime. For this purpose to be necessary for you the bucket with warm water and the porolonovy roller on the long handle. Wet the roller in water and carry out it on a ceiling, repeat procedure. Try not to pass ceiling sites, differently the new lime will lay down spots. Water in a bucket needs to be changed as often as possible.


If on a ceiling rusty spots (most often they happen if the fittings of the building pass too close to a ceiling covering) appear, they need to be removed. Wash out a problem place warm water, and then apply a copper vitriol on a spot. It is parted as follows: in 1 liter of hot water part 1 tablespoon of a vitriol. For preparation of solution it is necessary to use only the enameled ware. During the work do not neglect safety measures, after all it is a toxic preparation. Air the room more often.


If the ceiling is strongly smoked, for its cleaning it is possible to use 2-3% solution of hydrochloric acid. During the work with similar substances be careful - use special glasses and protective masks.


At detection on a ceiling of fatty spots they can be washed away the caustic soda or warm solution of a usual laundry soap.


If you have a vacuum cleaner which works on as on having blown, and on having blown, it is possible to get rid of old whitewashing with its help. Put the unit in the mode of a vyduv, and a special nozzle evenly spray water on a ceiling. After that it is necessary to wait 3-5 minutes that water was absorbed. Then take a scraper and start cleaning off an old covering. After that the ceiling needs to be washed up hot water the roller - as it was described above.


On sale also I exist special solutions for fast removal of a lime, and also a primer which are applied on old whitewashing then ceilings can be coated.