How to make a calendar in the program

How to make a calendar in the program

Recently is more increasing than the modern person involves existence of information. For example, an eye of the person, most likely, will be hooked for the image of a calendar, but not picture. If the calendar is originally executed — it to it will add chances to draw attention. For this purpose use opportunities of the TKexe Kalender program.

It is required to you

Software of TKexe Kalender.

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If you before acquaintance to this program worked with other utilities of this plan, will notice an essential difference. At once after start you will be "met" by the master assistant, on the screen there will be dialog boxes in which helps and the managements to production of any calendar will meet.

It is possible to download the program at the following link of (from the official site). After installation start it, having double clicked on a label on a desktop. In the main window of the program there will be a dialog box in which it is necessary to press the Create the New File button.

Then you need to choose type of the created calendar, here a choice quite big. You need to set the calendar size, by default it is measured in points (pixels). Do not forget to specify the correct arrangement of the page at the calendar press (album or book orientation). Also this action can be made in the automatic mode, having pressed The Recommended Sizes button.

In most cases users of this program work with images of the A4 format that grants full authority to create calendars of such size. You will also need to specify number of the months displayed on a calendar. For example, the calendar can be made for 6, 12 and 18 months.

Then choose any of the presented templates and begin editing with replacement of not pleasant images. Press the Parameters menu and choose the line "Days" to adjust an order of days of week. In some countries the beginning of week is considered not Monday, but Sunday.

On completion of editing the calendar press the top File menu and select the Press item. Adjust the printer under the calendar press, load paper into a tray and press the Press button.