What properties ryzhikovy oil possesses?

What properties ryzhikovy oil possesses?
Ryzhikovy oil is done of seeds of an oil-bearing crop - a saffron milk cap (Camelina Sativa). It represents not refined oil with characteristic redechny taste. Produce it on technology at which all valuable biologically active agents, vitamins, phospholipids and acids remain.

Ryzhikovy oil is applied as a dietary product to improvement of an organism as for those who has cardiovascular pathology, and for healthy people.

Also ryzhikovy oil can be used in a daily diet for preparation of salads or as an additive to various hot dishes for prevention.

The main value of ryzhikovy oil consists in high content of nonsaturated fatty acids which can reach 90%, of them polynonsaturated - about 60%. Besides, ryzhikovy oil is characterized by the high content of vitamin E which represents an antioxidant.

Also ryzhikovy oil is successfully applied in cosmetology, it renders the excellent softening effect when drawing on hair and skin.