How to develop an eye estimation at the child?

How to develop an eye estimation at the child?
The child should know in life very much - and in many respects to it he is taught by parents. Learn to go, speak, read, write - the child perceives all this literally. And how to teach the kid to abstract things? For example, how to develop at it an eye estimation?
The eye estimation is an ability of the person to measure distance "by eye", i.e. approximately, without measuring devices. To teach it the child, it is necessary to train persistently with him.
It is possible to resort to such simple exercises:
1. Tear off a long strip of paper from the newspaper and ask the child to put its parts, identical by the size. For example, on three or four. Try to play with it together.
2. Play "guessing game" with the child - whether he will be able to guess, how many steps it is necessary to pass to a certain place, for example, from a table to a wall?
3. Constantly pay attention of the child to the sizes of subjects and their length, compare them. For example, walking down the street ask, what house (the car, a tree) is higher than the others? And if to put some small houses at each other as the designer what will turn out higher?
So, you will develop not only an eye estimation at the child, but also logical thinking, visual perception and memory. Gradually, the child will learn to define independently distance between subjects, only if you make efforts and patience for training process.