How to endure death of a favourite cat

How to endure death of a favourite cat

For some people domestic pets become the most real family members. But, alas, the century of these animal is much shorter, than their owners. And sooner or later they die. For the owners with all the heart loving the pet it is a hard blow. For example, the person who got used to the cat feels the most real mental anguish at thought that that already will never be rubbed about his foot, does not zamurlycht from pleasure when the owner carefully scratches it behind an ear.

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That you grieve over the died pet – clearly and naturally. Such emotions do you credit, after all the stale and indifferent person would not begin to worry because of death of an animal. Nevertheless, inspire in yourself: that happened, happened. Nobody is eternal, to each living being the term is measured. Convince yourself: if you grieve too strongly and too long, the animal all the same will not revive it, and your health can worsen.

Think here of what: you loved the cat, cared of him. You well fed him, played with him, treated when he was ill. You have nothing to reproach. Think, what minion of fortune was your favourite living in satiety, heat and content in comparison with homeless cats whom, alas, there is a lot of. They very much would envy it. Your pet lived happy life. This thought can facilitate your grief.

Try to clean everything from eyes that reminds you of a cat. A rug on which it liked to sleep, a board-kogtetochku, its bowls for food and drink. You should not throw out them, perhaps, after all you can quite get in the future of a new cat, simply hide somewhere far away. On the top shelf of a wall case, for example, or in a far corner of a loggia.

Pay much attention to work, find some new hobby. When the person is rather occupied with something, burdensome thoughts seldom come to his mindhis mind.

Some people who appeared in your situation, trying to dull mental anguish and feeling of emptiness, almost right after death of the favourite bring to the house of a new kitten. Think, whether it is worth arriving so. Here to you nobody can advise and specify. If consider that it will be so better – get. It is quite possible that the new pet will dispel your grief. If the thought of it seems to you inadmissible, it is similar to treachery in relation to the died favourite – so far refrain. And after a while, when pain of loss will a little cease, will become dull, once again consider this question.