Where there is a Gold small street?

Where there is a Gold small street?
The multi-colored dwarfish lodges which stood in the row surprise with the tiny sizes, and also existence of a huge number of souvenirs which are offered to inquisitive tourists by their owners. These strange lodges settled down on the Gold small street …

The gold small street is one of symbols of Prague. The beautiful Czech capital does not cease to surprise tourists. The gold small street are in the Prague hail – ancient part of the city.
Many years ago in this place there was a bastion for prisoners. In 1574 the space under arches of fortress was given to Sagittariuses, did not pass also several years as the small street turned into the center of craft and on it poor people of Prague located.
Some residents of the Czech capital call this place the small street of alchemists, there is a legend that there lived alchemists who tried to create gold.
However, the name "Gold" happened not thanks to alchemists at all, simply in small lodges a lot of jewelry of gold was on sale.
Today the Gold small street became the center of tourism, this one of the most visited places of Prague.