How to lower the socket

How to lower the socket

Sockets and cords which are sticking out of them look not really esthetically and often break harmony of an interior. If they are below, the wall remains free and pure, and on this place it is possible to hang up something more attractive. It is better to provide and plan, of course, all points of an arrangement of sockets before repair and to entrust work on their installation to the expert to the electrician.

It is required to you

- new adjusting box;
- new wire.

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Carry out all works with the electroadjusting equipment at the disconnected electricity. Replace the old socket of the new consignment note. Such equipment is safer because it vlagoustoychivo also has a special protective cover. The laid on socket can be used and outdoors. Remember that places of fastening of the electric equipment have to correspond completely to junctions in adjusting boxes.

Remove an old adjusting box and a wire to it. Kabel needs to clean to a distributive box. Open a box, in it and in a new place for the socket there has to be a stock of wires. Attentively examine all distributive box. Carefully remove the connections executed by welding by means of passatizhy.

(The cylinder from aluminum on a tip) examine the pressed connection on existence of a stock. When find it, accurately remove connection of a passatizhama. If the stock is not present, carefully cut the cylinder from aluminum a file or a file. Very accurately untwist the connection representing ordinary twist of wires.

Take a new wire and lay it on an old shtroba (dredging for a cord) from a box to a new place for the socket. Do not twist old and new wires at all. Otherwise the isolating substance because of strong heating can melt, and contact – to burn down. After that will approach a wall it is unsafe.

If you want not only to lower the socket down, but also to shift it, you should lay new shtroba on which you also start up wires. For these purposes it is possible to use shtroborez which does accurate furrows. Depth and width of dredging can be regulated. The only minus of a shtroborez – it too expensive and powerful, but it is possible to hire this tool.

Instead of a shtroborez can use easier and cheap "Bulgarian". It does not such equal furrows, but you all the same will hide them finishing. Will prepare for a large amount of dust. That it was less, previously moisten a working surface. There will be a lot of dirt, but dust is much more harmful to lungs of the person.

Now you have to distribute wires on the socket. It is necessary to do it very carefully, it is desirable that cords did not adjoin. Before installation of the socket pass wires in a special cut. After that can fasten the socket to a wall.