How to choose a carpet?

How to choose a carpet?
The carpet can be divided into two categories – for office and for the house. At a choice of a carpet it is necessary to pay attention to composition of fibers, density of pile and a substrate.

The most durable carpet (and it the cheapest) has no pile, reminds felt or cloth. The covering with plush pile well looks, but on a soft surface there are traces from furniture and it quickly burns out. The carpet with pile from a soft twisted yarn or with multilevel loopy pile will serve long, but at least two times a year will demand professional cleaning. The vacuum cleaner even washing not to manage here.

The most popular in the world are nylon coverings. They are beautiful, are easily cleaned, long do not wear out. But they are not suitable for nurseries and for rooms which windows come to South side – such coverings quickly burn out. The carpet from polypropylene is easily cleaned, but quickly wears out. The carpet from wool differs in excellent elasticity of pile, ease in cleaning, but too has shortcomings – the high cost and fast wearability. That woolen carpets served more long, synthetic fibers are added to their structure. The covering is considered natural if contains not less than 30% of wool.

The carpet on a latex penalty fee which through the 5th operation can turn years into dust is least practical. The leading producers as a basis use jute and artificial fibers.