How to make to the schoolgirl of a portfolio

How to make to the schoolgirl of a portfolio

The portfolio is a folder with the documents characterizing the identity of the person in various aspects of his activity.
Strict requirements to structure of a portfolio of the pupil of high school do not exist today. Nevertheless, there is the most widespread, standard form of drawing up this package of documents which at the discretion of the management of school, teachers and parents can vary.

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There are three types of a portfolio: "Portfolio of documents", "Portfolio of works" and "Portfolio of responses". The modern portfolio, as a rule, unites in itself these three types and is complex.

At registration of a portfolio for the schoolgirl of a graduation class adhere to the following recommendations.

Place on the first page the photo studying, enter her name, a surname and a middle name. It will be the title page.

Create the section "Official Documents" in which place all certified achievements which are available for the schoolgirl. It can be certificates on passing of various courses, participation and a victory in various competitions, competitions, the Olympic Games; certificates on the termination of art or music school (existence of copies of documents is allowed).

Add the following section: "Creative works and social practicians". The main document of this section – the record book in which information on passing of various elective courses within preprofile training is entered. Also various creative and project works, results social the practician are presented in the section.

The following section of a portfolio call "Responses and recommendations". In this part it is provided various responses for research works, social practicians, creativity, participation in conferences and in the most different types of the activity studying.

Issue the section "General Information" which contains the summary, the autobiography in a free form and the document "My Vital Plans". The child has to treat drawing up the last document with a big share of gravity and specifically describe the plans for the future.

Finish a portfolio with the section "Summary Final Sheet". Filling in this sheet, be guided by data of official documents, and also on materials of the record book.

The portfolio for pupils of elementary school and an average link is made out in a bit different key though some structural elements remain same, as well as in the previous type.

As the first part of a portfolio of the schoolgirl of elementary or high school issue pages with personal data (the title page, the autobiography, the story about yourself, about the plans, short-term and long-term).

Add the Achievements block which can include the following components: the form completed with the child with the name "My Achievements", creative works, papers, various articles of the studying; the diplomas and diplomas received for a victory in these or those competitions.

The following block of a portfolio make chapter: "Demonstration of development of the schoolgirl in a certain sphere. This part will comprise the following documents:

• videos;
• photos;
• results of examinations, questioning, testings, examinations, drawings;
• information reflecting socially useful activity of the child;
• the filled forms: "Research, creative works"; "Visit of courses of additional education"; "Individual courses".
• the list of the read literature;
• curriculum;
• information on various rewardings.

11 Last part of a portfolio studying make the block: "Responses and wishes" which will comprise responses and recommendations, and also: "the purposes for the beginning of academic year" and "results of the termination of academic year".