Where there is a Valley of butterflies?

Where there is a Valley of butterflies?
Actually, butterflies too have favourite places. Only in the Valley of butterflies it is possible to meet not absolutely ordinary butterflies, but so-called she-bears. Where the well-known Valley and why butterflies chose this place for the rest is located? Let's consider a question in article.

Butterflies she-bears very bright and beautiful representatives of graceful insects, motley and shaggy. Of course, in the world there is a large number of Valleys for butterflies, but in this article we will consider one of them — European — the island Rhodes in Greece.

Why huge hordes of butterflies in all Europe are attracted by small slice of sushi in Greece? To be exact the Valley — Petaludes? The most important, on what butterflies to the valley are flied — it is a smell from special trees which forces them to overcome many kilometers while they reach the island Rhodes. Surprising trees carry the name storax and differ in very delicate and vanilla and spicy perfume on which insects hurry

The tree storax is known to mankind for a long time as to all the known incense is done of pitch of this tree, and its wood use for aromatic tubules. Storax found for itself application both in perfumery, and in medicine.

By no means it is impossible to disturb hundreds and one thousand butterflies she-bears sleeping on trees storax as they at this moment gather forces and energy for new life cycle.