How to make forcemeat juicy

How to make forcemeat juicy

To prepare art – ability acquirable, acquired over time, ability to cook well – gift. Mincemeat - here, apparently, the simplest: to mix all ingredients, to take meat as a basis and - here it, it is ready. But that forcemeat turned out rather gentle and tasty and did not spoil a main course, it is necessary to know some rules of preparation.

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The most tasty and juicy forcemeat is prepared independently, in house conditions. It much more naturally bought in shop, after all will give nobody to you 100% of a guarantee that is its part. If you decided to prepare the mixed forcemeat from two and more types of meat, do not forget about compatibility of products. For example, meat of a turkey will be bad to be combined with the chicken. And pork perfectly is in harmony with beef. Because of incorrectly picked up ingredients and an incorrect proportion sometimes dry forcemeat also turns out. Therefore follow the exact instruction of your recipe.


If chicken forcemeat turned out dryish, add to it egg and a little sour cream. Well mix and clean for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator.


Forcemeat from beef will turn out more juicy if add to it a little beef broth. This method is used at preparation of hamburgers.


That forcemeat turned out gentle and air, add to it the egg yolk separated from protein and properly shake up. Especially this method will approach at preparation of fish forcemeat and forcemeat from veal.


That forcemeat became more juicy, put it in a package, strong tie and beat off about a table within 5-7 minutes. Meat surely will give juice and will reduce amount of air that will make it more elastic and gentle.