How to reach to Brazil

How to reach to Brazil

Since June, 2010 between Brazil and Russia the agreement on cancellation of a visa regime for short-term trips works. It means that if you want to visit Brazil, it is necessary only to decide on the program of a trip, the place of residence, to buy the air ticket. And then it is necessary only - to reach.

It is required to you

- international passport;
- air ticket.

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Check period of validity of the international passport - it has to be valid within six months after an expiration date of the planned trip. Duration of stay in Brazil without visa makes ninety days within half a year (do not forget that visa-free conditions work only if you visit the country for the purpose of tourism and are not going to be engaged in the paid activity there, to study, train, etc.).

Consider that to Brazil there are no direct regular flights, and time of your flight will make from 17 to 27 hours and more, depending on number of changes and their duration.

Choose one of the airports in Brazil: from Moscow you can reach Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande, San Paulo, Brasilia, Sao Dzhoz Du Rio of Preto, Barreiros. Use electronic systems of search and booking of air tickets on the Internet (the largest for today - Here also predlagayetya search of hotels in the chosen direction, and also rent of the car at the airport.

Choose airline: in the airports of Brazil Aeroflot, Air France, Alitalia, bmi, British Airways, Delta, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss, TAP perform flights, is frequent in a combination with the Brazilian air carrier TAM Linhas Aereas on internal flights or flights from the USA. Foreign air carriers perform flights to Brazil through the airports of the countries: Air France - through Paris, Iberia - through Madrid, Lufthansa - through Frankfurt. Aeroflot does change in Paris.

Choose the best flight at the price and optimum on flight time. One of the shortest routes offers Iberia - travel to Rio de Janeiro will last seventeen hours, including change in Madrid, and all flights are performed by one airline, and it simplifies procedure of change and an overload of baggage and therefore, reduces possibilities of loss of baggage, delay by flight. The optimum prices to Rio de Janeiro are offered by Delta, but travel time considerably increases due to two long changes at the airports of New York and Atlanta.