How to connect the bases

How to connect the bases

At expansion of the area of private housing construction, thorough reconstruction, quite often there is a need for connection of the operating base with the concrete basis of an extension. The main criterion of the integrated framework – durability to mechanical and other influence.

It is required to you

- timbering;
- roofing felt or roofing material;
- metal fittings;
- scrap;
- shovel;
- concrete.

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Equip a trench under the new base at the same level at which there is foundation of the new building. Dig out a ditch not on all length existing, and parts. Otherwise soil will become bare that can lead to deformation of the operating concrete basis.


Strengthen old construction on corners inclined props, and the old base of the house – fittings. For this purpose make the drill special openings and fix in them metal products. Put between new and equipped by the bases roofing material or roofing felt.


If there is a need to change base depth, arrange ledges. Their height should not exceed 50 cm. The first ledge has to be at distance from meter and more from already existing base. After that equip a trench at a depth which is equal to the existing basis.


Make even a new ditch and clear it of the earth, stones and other impurity. It is necessary to connect the bases at one level. Prepare the timbering which is brought down from wooden boards which sizes correspond to width and height of future foundation of the house.


Establish a timbering. Stamp a bottom of the trench prepared under the base crushed stone and at once start filling in with concrete. It is recommended to build the base from two concrete layers. The lower layer – more plastic, top – more rigid. Fill in concrete most densely that did not remain gaps on a joint two base. In this case degree rainfall will be less.


Let's concrete stiffen thoroughly, then remove a timbering. Before starting putting up extension walls, let's the base be stood.