How to sheathe the house lining

How to sheathe the house lining

"Lining" familiar to all - not that other as a wooden board which is used often for the decorative finishing of houses allowing to warm in addition rooms. Lining when finishing loggias, saunas, baths is especially popular. To trim the room with lining not so difficult.

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Lining – wood material, can change under the influence of surrounding conditions. Put the prepared boards in that room which will sheathe, and leave them at least for days. The tree has to get used to climate of the room. Check boards for existence of defects – nedosushennost, wormholes, fungal defeats.


Prepare for a wall covering, having mounted on them the so-called bearing lattice. For this purpose attach extreme whetstones, then fasten them with assembly threads. For fastening of whetstones surely use the level and a plumb. So you receive an equal surface on which then will hang other whetstones. It will also be an assembly lattice. It is put in case for some reason it is impossible to fix lining directly to a wall or if between a wall and lining there is a heater layer. The heater just is also put between a wall and a lattice. As a heater use mineral wool.


To provide to a covering a waterproofing, over an assembly lattice lay a parobaryer. Parobaryer represents a special film, at which one party rough, and another – smooth. This film will protect a covering from moisture and will prevent rotting processes. Impose a film the smooth party to a heater.


Cut lining strips of the necessary size, previously having measured height of the sheathed room. Attach material directly to a wall screws or construction brackets or to an assembly lattice finishing nails or klyaymer. Accurately stack lining strips in docking corners: they should be cut on width. After all room is sheathed, cover lining with wood stain or a varnish. For the bigger durability of a covering let's dry to the first varnish coat, and then impregnate a covering with the second layer.


The covering lining is really simple, demands minimum temporary and labor costs. At the same time, having chosen lining to match of an interior, you can emphasize and recover it.