How to protect teeth

How to protect teeth

Each person dreams of keeping beautiful and healthy teeth for many years. The dazzling smile not only gives charm to the owner, but also is the certificate of that an organism in norm. To protect teeth, it is necessary to follow some simple rules only.

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Pay attention to hygiene of an oral cavity and brush teeth twice a day. For these needs pick up the most effective set of means: toothbrush, Floss, brush, irrigator, elixir.

Toothbrushes happen soft, rigid and average rigidity. It is important not to make the wrong choice of a suitable bristle, and also periodically to replace over time the deteriorated brush.

Children till five years, and also adults with very sensitive enamel or according to special orders of the doctor use soft brushes. The rigid bristle without special need can damage tissues of tooth and cause bleeding of gums. If the stomatologist did not recommend another, the choice of a brush of average rigidity will be optimum.

Floss helps to remove the food remains between teeth, the irrigator and the brush brush teeth or briquettes in hard-to-reach spots.


Visit the stomatologist at least once a year. Timely treatment of caries will rescue teeth from further destruction. The doctor will help to develop the program of maintenance of a mouth in norm, will pick up toothpaste, will show how it is correct to look after gums.


Pay attention to technology of cleaning. Scientists found out that the correct mechanical impact on teeth more important, than composition of the used paste or powder.

Begin hygienic procedure with the top jaw, using the sweeping-out movements. Avoid to exhaust the food remains under gums. Do not forget that, except outer side, tooth has also an internal surface.

The chewing surface of teeth is cleaned brush roundabouts. During procedure each tooth has to receive on itself approximately on ten cleaning movements.

The lower row is also cleaned by the sweeping-out movements, but in the direction up from roots. The brush also masses gums, and the raid from language is removed.


Watch food. In your diet there have to be products containing calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D: seafood and fish, apples, grapes, carrots, nuts, cabbage, garden radish.

Avoid a large amount of artificial sweets and farinaceous food, and also try not to have a bite candies and fancy bread between meals. Sugar – the main foe of teeth causing emergence of a raid and reproduction of harmful microorganisms.

Make the menu so that in a diet vegetables and fruit without heat treatment prevailed. Avoid to drink sparkling water which destroys tooth enamel. If cannot live without aerated water, drink it through a tubule.


Not to break integrity of enamel, try not to crack nuts and sunflower seeds, not to have a bite a mouth a thread during sewing, not to open cover teeth from bottles. For these purposes there is a special tool. Protect health and beauty of your teeth!