How to pick up a plinth

How to pick up a plinth

The plinth is used in an interior purely for practicality reasons, hiding a joint between a floor and a wall. Under it it is easily possible to hide edges of wall-paper, linoleum or a wire. The plinth can also press itself a carpet. Most often it is possible to meet plastic, wooden, shponirovanny and laminated a plinth. As you can see, the choice is not so small. Therefore and to pick up a plinth not so simply. But we will help you.

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Speak of plastic plinths generally well. Though the most part of positive comments for some reason belongs to sellers and producers. Let's consider that in them good. By means of plastic plinths it is possible to bypass any corners of the room. Also considered a plinth inside hollow that allows to stretch under them wires.


It is possible to carry to minuses of plastic plinths that they look quite inexpressively, especially, if the speech comes about a timber floor. Well the designer respecting himself will not select a plastic plinth to expensive floor from a tree. Such a plinth well look unless with linoleum.


The laminated plinth is the most convenient decision for people who are going to lay a laminate at home. For such floor you will not think up option better as to each collection of the laminated floor producers are issued also a plinth at color.


The Shponirovanny plinth perfectly will approach a timber floor, a stopper, a parquet, and also a parquet and massive board. It costs cheaper than the plinth executed from a natural tree and also is not so strongly deformed from humidity.


Wooden a plinth look most priglyadno. The leading producers usually let out to collections of a parquet, a massive and parquet board as well plinth of the same wood. Therefore also there is nothing to think out here: if you ordered an oak parquet, and the plinth has to be too oak. If to varnish such plinth, it will become as if the invisible, but accurate decision.


Now it is worth understanding with flowers. It is simplest to choose a plinth so that it was one color with a floor covering. Then it will merge with a covering and will not be noticeable. In other options it is worth counting only on the taste or taste of your designer.


As the quite fashionable are considered white a plinth at color to walls. Quite often meet and extended over a floor on 5-10 cm of a plinth. Sometimes designers use a white plinth in combination with a stucco molding on bottom edge of the room – effectively looks, but is not practical at all. In this case the floor about plinths needs to be washed extremely carefully. But even at the most careful cleaning sooner or later all this beauty will inevitably become covered with dirt.


Contrast a plinth are good when they support in the color some elements of registration of the room, for example textiles or furniture. If not to follow this rule, the plinth will look in the room some stranger, an alien subject.