How to collect plastic models

How to collect plastic models

Occupation by a modelizm not only develops skills of spatial imagination, but also helps to know better history of military equipment and arms. Besides, assembly of plastic models in itself brings joy and satisfaction from well done work. The reconstruction of shape of the fighting tank or the plane demands accuracy and assiduity.

It is required to you

- a set of details for assembly;
- sharp knife;
- emery paper;
- files;
- adhesive tape;
- glue model;
- PVA glue;
- brushes for glue and paint;
- air brush;
- acrylic paints.

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Get the model interesting you. Today it is possible to find the most various sets for assembly of copies of military equipment of the different periods in sale. They can differ on a complete set and degree of readiness for assembly therefore attentively study the description on packing of a product before making a final choice.

Prepare tools which will be necessary at assembly of model. Buy model glue, and also PVA glue. When processing details not to do without sharp knife, files and an emery paper. For coloring of ready model get brushes of the different sizes and rigidity. Also the air brush will be not superfluous.

Take out contents from a box and attentively examine it. Such familiarity with a design will allow to make idea of types and quantity of the details which are subject to assembly. Usually details of model are collected in the flat blocks connected by ingates and blocks not anyhow, and in a certain sequence are completed.

Define balance of assembly, being verified with the instruction and the evident image of model. Use for drawing up an image of a product of the picture on a box and images of a prototype available to you (they can be found in historical literature or on the Internet).

Choose ingates to which the main details of the case of model fasten. For example, for plane model it will be a fuselage and wings. A knife disconnect details from the block, and then carefully smooth out places of accession of ingates.

Put case halves among themselves. Do not hurry to stick together a detail; for a start connect them adhesive tape slices. Also it is not recommended to disconnect all details from ingates as in this case it will be difficult to define accessory of a detail and its place in model at once. Carry out assembly consistently.

Attach to the case in turn all basic elements of a design, attaching them an adhesive tape or using specially provided pins. When the model takes the finished form, once again attentively examine it, having remembered a relative positioning of details and if necessary having written down balance of assembly.

Sort model and start fair assembly, connecting elements glue. Pass to an attachment of the next detail only after drying of the gluing structure. Do not set before yourself the purpose to finish assembly for short term. If necessary break process into some stages, for example: cleaning of details, assembly of the case, operational development of model, painting.

After full assembly of plastic model start its coloring. Thus previously be verified with the instruction and the image of the original. In a case before putting paint the model will be required to be covered with a primer. If it is required for giving of model of reliability, apply camouflage coloring of the case. After paint drying the model can take the place in your house collection.