How to restore hair

How to restore hair

Often, looking in a mirror we notice that hair lost healthy gloss, hang some lifeless locks, or on the head the carrion crows a nest is simple. Appearance of hair can tell about problems of all organism, signals that it is time to take measures for restoration of vitamin and mineral balance, the set of nutrients is required.

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You were alarmed or recently had - your hair will react at once to these factors. And if you also smoke, then be not surprised that hair fragile and lifeless.

For a hair reconstruction today in shops a large number of means is presented is both shampoos, and conditioners, both masks, and vitamin supplements. But also the nature which created us, can help to return you a fine condition of hair.


You can perfectly restore hair by means of herb infusions, broths, doing masks of milk, cream, bread, onions, honey, oils and other products which will find at home. Here the small characteristic of some components for masks which you can make and use in house conditions.


Milk will help to strengthen a hair and to return it healthy gloss, after a mask with use of milk, hair become smooth and flexible.


Vegetable oil. Here quite wide choice, but preference it is possible to give to linseed oil, olive, sea-buckthorn, almond, apricot, peach. Oil very well clears hair, sates them with vitamins, and you will see a positive effect at once after the first procedure.


Lemon juice not bad dissolves skin fat and well normalizes activity of skin glands, prevents emergence of dandruff.


Cucumbers fresh - not only revitalize skin, but you can apply them and in masks to hair. The mask effectively strengthens hair and strengthens them. Also influence hair and fruit masks which possess also an anti-inflammatory range of action.


Means old, known to our grandmothers - juice scarlet which very well restores and positively influences growth of a lukovichka of a hair. Add to it a little honey and cognac - the wonderful mask which will actively impregnate with useful substances and head skin will turn out, will stimulate the rapid and correct growth of a bulb of a hair.


Fine means is a yeast which normalize work of sebaceous glands, feed and restore structure of a hair.


And the most irreplaceable hair preparations are garlic and onions. Many do not want to use them because of their pungent smell. But to the one who actually strives for beauty, began to smell not a hindrance. Both onions, and garlic interfere with a hair loss, strongly stimulate their growth, combat dryness, fat content and dandruff.