That is necessary for opening of a drugstore

That is necessary for opening of a drugstore

Retail trade in medicines and the medical equipment considerably is complicated by high requirements, which checking organizations show to pharmaceutical institutions. Therefore, opening a new drugstore, it is necessary to keep from the very beginning in mind all those norms and standards which are developed by Ministry of Health.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "That Is Necessary for Opening of a Drugstore" That is necessary for opening of shop How to obtain the pharmaceutical license How to open pharmaceutical business the First with what opening of a drugstore will begin is a search of the room suitable for the equipment of the pharmaceutical enterprise. Malenkaya Square will not possible to limited - only one trading floor of a drugstore has to be not less than 50-60 square meters, and except it the place still is necessary for reception and storage of goods, and also for sanitary and household rooms. Besides, the building in which the drugstore will be placed, has to be connected to all engineering communications - a water supply system, the power supply network, a thermal network, the sewerage and ventilating system.

Having rented or having redeemed the room, you have to finish still it, and it is possible, and to convert, having anew made and having agreed on the project. Requirements to finishing of a drugstore are that, what it is possible to use only the materials allowing possibility of regular damp and disinfection cleaning, the floor has to be without fail covered with a ceramic tile.

As the trade equipment in a drugstore transparent racks are usually used. It is necessary to store one preparations in the refrigerator, and others, of interest to potential robbers (for example, narcotic) - in the safe. For the staff of the pharmaceutical organization it is necessary to equip clothes which are necessary as well for compliance of a drugstore to sanitary standards and rules.

Work in one drugstore will require the certified pharmacist, some druggists and nurses. The pharmacist, the pharmacy manager, forms her assortment row and will organize work of druggists therefore it is necessary to approach selection of this expert with all responsibility, it is possible even to charge search of the qualified pharmacist to experts from recruiting agency.

Before your drugstore starts functioning, you will need to have the license for retail trade in pharmaceutical preparations, and also the passport of a drugstore on hands. For obtaining these documents at you representatives of Ministry of Health have to accept already equipped drugstore. Besides, you will have to confirm existence of necessary qualification at workers of a drugstore (the pharmacist and druggists).