How quickly to cure a fungus

How quickly to cure a fungus

Fungal diseases, or mycoses, often arise as a side effect after reception of antibiotics and are transmitted in the household way. They affect skin, nails, mucous, causing irritation, an itch, dryness and other unpleasant feelings. Unfortunately, many people see only a cosmetic problem in a fungal infection and do not treat treatment with necessary gravity.

It is required to you

- medicines;
- oil of a tea tree.

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Do not self-medicate, address to the specialist dermatologist who will be able to diagnose your disease and to appoint the correct treatment. For disposal of a problem it is necessary to use complex therapy for a long time.

On skin apply external means to which creams, sprays and solutions belong to treatment of fungal diseases. Effective preparations from this group of preparations are "Ekzoderil" and "Lamizil".

For elimination of a fungus of nails you will be helped by the preparations made in the form of a transparent varnish. Can be an example of a similar preparation of "Lotseril". Before application of similar means it is necessary to remove as much as possible affected areas of a nail plate, and then to put a varnish coat. The term of application of such means makes from 6 to 12 months, the healthy nail will not grow yet.

At strong defeat of bodies treatment of a fungus will be incomplete without application of internal means, i.e. tablets. "Flukonazol", "Lamizil", etc. accepts the decision on purpose of a concrete preparation which treat "Orungal", the doctor. At a serious disease without them it will only be possible to clean symptoms, but not a cause of illness that will lead to recurrence emergence after a while. A lack of these tablets is their high price and negative impact on a liver. Writing out these preparations, the doctor surely has to consider a condition of your organism and possible contraindications. It is necessary to accept them courses for a long time.

Do not forget about prevention. At visit of the pool or a bath apply antifungal ointment or oil of a tea tree on skin of feet. Do not step barefoot on a floor in public places: shower, hotels, locker rooms. On a visit try not to wear the offered slippers, especially fabric. It is much simpler to prevent emergence of a fungus, than to cure it.