How to make a gentle make-up

How to make a gentle make-up

To be freshen and beautiful in the morning or late evening, it is necessary very little. If you carefully think over the morning make-up, that, having added only some strokes, you will be able easily to turn it into the evening. It is possible to give to appearance habitual faultlessness by means of several magic cosmetics.

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To make a gentle make-up you need some "oblegchenyony" elements: easy tone, transparent lip gloss and waterproof ink.


Tone up integuments. Do it not only before putting cream or a make-up, but also for day. Can encourage skin an easy way: mix lemon juice with water so that juice there were slightly less, than waters. Then massazhnyyoma lungs the movements wipe a face.


In the morning after drawing soft voice-frequency means trace eyebrows and add a little ink on eyelashes. Thus, if by nature you have dense dark eyelashes, do not make heavier an image a make-up - use only vitamin means intended for eyelashes. Trace eyebrows a pencil or shadows for eyebrows.


Mask heat-spots and black points by means of a voice-frequency antibacterial basis. Also for improvement of complexion or giving of freshness to it, can mix a small amount of foundation with light friable powder.


For a beautiful gentle make-up use waterproof korichneyovy ink: it will soften an image and will look most naturally.


If your skin is inclined to fat content, over tone powder a face friable powder.


Change habitual lipstick for soft, easy gloss. Transparent gloss or colourless hygienic lipstick will be able perfectly to emphasize natural beauty of your lips.


Place a light accent in the eyes. The blue eyeliner will be the unusual decision for warm evening. Brown eyes very well shade all saturated shades of the blue.


To turn a day laconic make-up in evening it is rather simple. Apply pale blue transparent shadows on all eyelid. Then draw with a blue eyeliner or well ground blue pencil a coquettish arrow.


It is ruddy simply neobkhoyodima in the evening. With their help you can get rid of an utomyolenny look. In this case use flickering bronze blush.