How to make the hidden illumination

How to make the hidden illumination

The car almost always expresses identity of the owner. Often, buying a new car, owners not always remain are happy with its external characteristics. Therefore independently finish it, give it special charm. The important role in it is played by the hidden illumination.

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Illumination of salon of the car not only gives it identity, but also provides additional lighting. Especially well neon illumination looks. In its help your car will be perfectly allocated on the road. At the expense of skillfully picked up color scale it will help to take off quickly fatigue during rest of the driver.

At the equipment on the car of illumination select various colors for the dashboard and for acoustics. Make overlays for pedals, and also neon handles for a mechanical transmission. When using the hidden illumination hide a light source behind a separate detail that it was not visible to eyes, but thus lit necessary space. Use the hidden illumination for a car ceiling, thus in the car the soft lighting which is not irritating an eye will turn out.

The most popular svetodizayn the car — is today LED illumination of the bottom. She creates visual effect of soaring over the earth, zero gravity. Especially beautifully looks on wet asphalt or in snow winter weather. Special sets of illumination of the bottom of the car are on sale in autoshops, they can be ordered through online stores. For its installation, at first extend wires on a tape, then accurately attach it to dimensions. Glue a tape superresistant glue on all bottom of the car.

To reach the maximum quality and ease, use sets with superbright moisture-proof LED tapes. They are very saturated, have specially directed stream of light which will correctly light the road under the car, to be reflected from it, to strengthen visual effect of flight. Such tapes do not demand lenses and reflectors. They are ready at once to use.

LED lamps are protected from moisture, very strong and resistant to various mechanical influences, save a power consumption. For fuller effect choose bright green, white, red, yellow or blue colors. Make illumination in front in one color, behind — another, and on each side — the third.