What is the maps

What is the maps

The kartovedeniye is engaged in creation of maps. It is one of sections of cartography which, most likely, appeared to the invention of writing. The first cards were represented on stones, bark of trees and even sand. They remained in the form of rock paintings. For example, the quite good copy can be seen in the Italian valley of Kamonik, it treats a bronze age.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What Is the Maps" How to describe a geographical position of mountains How to determine the coordinates How to find continent extent Maps are drawing of a terrestrial surface, it contains a grid of coordinates with conventional signs which are uniform for all countries. Of course, the image is strongly reduced. All cards share on different types: on scale, on territorial coverage, appointment and according to the contents. The first category has three look: they can be large-scale, mid-scale and small-scale.

The first can have a ratio of drawing and the original from 1:10 000 to 1:200 000. They are used most often, since on them information fuller. Mid-scale cards are most often used by sets, for example, in the form of the atlas. Their scale is from 1:200 000 to 1:1 000 000 inclusive. Information on them any more such full therefore use them more rare. Well and the last option of maps has scale more than 1:1 000 000. Only the main objects are caused on them. And even the large cities on them can not have names and to look as a tiny point. Most often small-scale charts are used for the indication of distribution of various languages, cultures, religions and other. One of the most striking examples are the weather maps familiar practically to all people.

On territorial scale maps share on world maps, continents, the countries and regions. Appointments at them it can be much bigger. For example, maps can be educational, navigation, tourist, scientific and help and others.

According to contents of the map are divided on all-geographical and thematic. On the first the geographical phenomena are represented. For example, settlements, economic objects, relief, borders and other. Thematic cards are divided into two subcategories: natural and public phenomena.

Maps – one of the most convenient ways to keep information necessary for people. It is difficult to overestimate their role in society and for each person in particular. Kartovedeniye – one of the most ancient sciences which will be always actual.