How to define topaz

How to define topaz

Since ancient times topaz is considered a symbol of generosity, fidelity, wellbeing and happiness. This stone is considered as a pleasure mascot. Not to be mistaken upon purchase, it is necessary to know some distinctive features of topaz.

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At a choice of topaz pay attention to color. The opinion is wrong that this stone has a yellow color. In the nature pale green, brown, wine-yellow, orange and blue topazes meet. Often various shades give it defects and impurity of a crystal lattice. Sometimes stones with multi-color coloring come across. Pink and red topazes in the nature are very rare. Coloring of a stone, as a rule, natural and soft. The topazes reminding aquamarines with rich blue color, are thermally improved.

Pay attention to that fact that some topazes are shrouded in a pale gray covering. If you turn such stone a head down, will see all its many-sided depth. This one of distinctive qualities of topaz.

Remember that on a chemical composition topaz very firm mineral. As a rule, it is capable to be electrified very strongly. Rub a stone about woolen clothes to be convinced of its authenticity.

Topaz possesses magnificent gloss. Direct a stone on light and estimate its qualities. Topaz is used quite often for a facet, using diamond or step. With inclusions of other minerals the stone is faceted a cabochon. Application of a carving on a stone is also possible.

Not to mix topaz and quartz, remember feature of a stone. It is a firm mineral. Topaz with ease will scratch quartz.

Be not frightened if on a show-window of shop you find the topaz decorated with pastes or color glasses. It does not mean at all that before you a fake. Topaz – an inexpensive stone therefore many producers and jewelers resort to this method of rise in price of a mineral.

Do not trust sellers of stones if they try to convince you that topaz cost directly depends on its color. Most likely, try to sell you a mineral for more expensive price.