How to change design of the site

How to change design of the site

The hosting of Ucoz is rather popular owing to several reasons. It free therefore simply is ideally suited for creation of the first site, it is easy to work with it and easily to change its design. If you were bored by the existing design of your site on Ucoz, you can easily change it. How it can be made, you will be able to learn from the instruction below.

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You can choose design of the site from a set of the already offered. The hosting offers more than two hundred designs on a choice. However minus here that the most successful of them are used by many users, that is, they already, in general, became familiar to an eye and to use them not absolutely expediently. If you want to change standard design of the site, better for a start try to change the already existing. Especially if you have to be engaged in design of the sites for the first time.


To begin editing this or that design, come into "General settings". Now find the Design of the Site point there, and opposite – "To choose design". Before you the window where you can choose any of options of design of the site will open. Now choose the most nice to you design option. Establish it and can start changing.


Now try to change a site cap. The picture in registration of the site can be stated or in the style.css file (it is the file of styles), or in the html template.


If you deal with css, find in the top control panel the Design point – "Management of design (CSS)". Below there will be a window with the file of styles which and needs to be changed. Find a line:

#header { background:url (‘/ee.jpg’) no-repeat; height:182px; … … } and in it change the image.


If the image is registered in the html template, in this case choose "Design" – "Management of design (templates)", then select the Top Part of the Site item, find a line:


Now you can change a site cap. Pay attention that your new cap can not coincide by the size with previous, and it means that it is necessary to change its situation on the page. It can be made in the file of styles or in a template.


After you change the image, use the manager of files to keep a cap in the root catalog. Thus change the picture address on what is necessary to you.


Do the same and for all other pictures on the page, do not receive desirable result yet. Remember that if after all changes in this design you will choose any other of offered by default, all changes will disappear.

Good luck to you!