How to pay the state duty for arbitration court

How to pay the state duty for arbitration court

To give effect to the solution of a question in arbitration court, it is necessary to pay the state duty. Its size depends on several factors therefore previously the sum needs to be learned in the most government body or to look in open sources.

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Count the sum which is required to be brought. In certain cases it is possible to receive release from need of its payment both completely, and partially. For example, such privilege can be applied if the statement of claim is submitted in interests of protection of the rights of children or disabled people of I and II groups, representatives of government bodies act as the claimant. The basic concepts of the state duty are given in chapter 25.3 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation, and in Art. 333.21. rates on affairs which consideration will take place in arbitration court are registered.

Thus, the sum which is subject to payment depends on the following factors:

• status of the claimant (natural or legal entity);
• claim sums;
• character of the statement and requirements.

The time in which means to the account of government bodies have to be deposited, depends on a role of the payer. In one cases the sum needs to be granted in advance, on others – within 10 days after pronouncement of the decision.

Fill in the form on payment of the state duty. It can be received in establishment or free of charge to download from the site of court to which the application will be directed. In it the following data have to be specified:

• sum in figures and copy-book;
• the tax status and data of the payer (for legal entities – the name, an INN, a check point, for citizens – a full name and the actual residence);
• payment requisites (name of bank, BIK, INN, check point, account number, name of court);
• data on the judicial organization (name, OKATO, 20-place code of the budgetary classification);
• purpose of payment;
• other marks (number and date of the document).

Come to bank and pay the state duty. It can be made in any office. For commission of operation it will be required to show the passport. Keep in mind that the financial institution in return takes the commission for carrying out similar operations, and its size in different banks can differ. As a rule, the sums small also do not depend on the amount of transfer.