How to make old a mirror

How to make old a mirror

The mirror since ancient times is considered the mystical subject possessing magic properties and a certain force. The huge number of beliefs and fortune-telling is connected with mirrors. However many myths, such as: it is impossible to look in the broken mirror, differently to be to trouble, have under themselves no real bases. Thus the fear of ancient mirrors gradually consigns to the past, and artificially made old mirrors become a sign of exacting taste. Today the made old mirror – the real trend in interior design.

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For a sostarivaniye of a mirror it is necessary to work with the subject back. Begin with a drawing vytsarapyvaniye with a needle on a foil. It is possible to use the sharp razor. Drawing on the back of a mirror can be both chaotic, and special pattern. He will create effect of cracks of time which then paint over any paint in tone, for example, gilding.


It is possible to process the mirror back acid which will corrode part of the layer which is responsible for the reflecting properties. Then also to paint the formed emptiness with paint.


One of easy ways to make old a mirror - to rub it from a reverse side an emery paper, then to otserebrit potalyyu and to paint.


Designers use also such way as roasting of the back party. Paint burns very naturally, then the mirror also from a reverse side becomes covered potalyyu and is painted.


And, at last, for giving of effect of old times happens to make old enough a frame of your mirror. Paint it in the necessary color. Wait for drying. Rub with a candle (wax has to cover cambers of a frame, its corners). Then paint a frame in other color. When it dries, with a force rub a rag to remove a wax layer. The ancient mirror is ready.