How to refuse the invitation on a visit

How to refuse the invitation on a visit

The invitation on a visit – the certificate of that not bad concern you and will be glad to communicate to you in an informal situation. However sometimes such invitation is contrary to your plans and desires. Then it is necessary to solve a problem: how to preserve the time and not to offend friends.

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If you cannot come on a visit for the objective reasons, apologize before the friend and explain why the meeting will not take place. Tell that you very much regret for it and hope to meet later. It will be pleasant to your friend if you invite him on a visit when it is convenient to both of you.

Perhaps, you assume that visit will be not too interesting, and you in vain will waste time. If you consider inconvenient honestly to explain the reason, refer to employment - not obligatory to go into details. If the friend insists, can refer to certain mysterious circumstances: "There are problems … I will tell then you – now I cannot". At you will be time to think up the version if the companion shows further curiosity.

If you were invited to family celebration, surely call this day and congratulate friends on a joyful event. Once again confirm as regret that cannot personally be present. If the ordinary friendly party was the cause of the invitation, call next day and take an interest as it passed.

After you accepted the invitation, will be not to go on a visit the very impolite. The illness, natural disaster or unexpected arrival of relatives can become a good reason for sudden refusal. Surely warn owners that will not be able to be, and politely apologize.

Perhaps, you received new, more interesting offer after accepted the invitation. If you want to refuse visit about which already agreed, think that you will bring the friends. They plan the budget and, perhaps, the scenario of a holiday and count on your presence. Besides your refusal for such reason, most likely, will strongly offend them.

If you try to refuse visit under a specious excuse, the truth can emerge at any time, especially if in the new company there are mutual friends. In that case you risk to spoil the relations with friends seriously.